Live From Umbrella Cloud 2014

by Chrysanthemum

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Live performance. All live looping with guitar. Nothing pre-recorded.


released September 12, 2014



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Chrysanthemum Minnesota

Turn off the lights. Light a candle...and disappear.

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Track Name: Live From Umbrella Cloud 2014
I head west towards the Sun as it lowers into its grave, but it's always out of reach. Once the Great Eye resigns itself to its fate, all of heaven clads itself in black to mourn the death of this fiery lifegiver. It's in this somber darkness that I am aimlessly wandering, stumbling over the rocks and hills til I can go no further. As the thickness of the night descends heavily upon me, a jacket several sizes too small crushing my ribs, I watch as seven stars fall from its endless maw. Was this a sign?

Striking my last match in the moonless abyss I find myself beneath the Crow's Tree. Without any sort of thought i dismantle the tree limb from limb, and build a coffin for myself. The crow caws in protest. My match is burning low. I grind the feathers down, and paint my makeshift coffin black. I push my fingers into its chest, and remove its beating heart to dye my tattered rags a ritual crimson. The crow's corpse leaps up with a deafening shriek, and tears out my eyes. I fall backward into my invisible coffin...and I reflect.

I reflect upon how being blind and drifting in this moonless night are really the same thing. I reflect upon the irony of how lighting a match resulted in losing my sight. I reflect upon the oppressive silence - it truly never ends. A forgotten being laid to rest by its own hand. By its own selfish attempts to capture the Sun. Is this nothing more than coincidence, or is it a metaphor of immorality and narcissism? Yet another way for the God or Gods to mock me...not that I believe in them anyway...and so I will have an eternity to think about it.